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A fire has started

Look around, there’s not many here. This is a special place that looks like Jesus. A place of power, boldness, guidance in the Spirit; and holy obedience to His Truth. It’s the Kingdom on Earth. It fills, it satisfies, it sets free, and fills a hole within mainstream Christianity.

It’s not the Truth without the Spirit or Spirit without the Truth, it’s the fullness of Messiah that drips with anointing. He is calling and enabling a radical bride, who for the first time in history will walk in the full measure of law and grace. For most of the denominations law and grace stand in opposition, but He is calling worshippers of Spirit & Truth.

Can you hear the shofar blow?

Discover the fullness of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) walk in Spirit & Truth, what it truly means for our lives, how to walk it out practically and how this is essential in our preparation for the end-time storm and fulfillment of prophecies.

Have you ever wondered why Christianity is so divided? We have started changing the definitions of both what it means to walk in Spirit; and walk in Truth. In this journey we will return to the root, forget about the denominations and culture to rediscover these definitions. Today, a remnant is rising who is breaking the cycle to walk as He walked without the excuses.

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The final three verses of Malachi declares something incredibly significant will happen before “The Day of the Lord”. It calls the reader to Remember the Law of Moses, and that Elijah the prophet will be sent to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers.

“Reigniting Spirit and Truth” is an exhortation to the Body of Messiah that comes in this spirit of Elijah. Boldly proclaiming repentance and a restoration of God’s word (Remembering the law of Moses) and also the equally important need to be led by the Set apart Spirit (just as the prophet of old). The time has come for believers to leave behind a half baked faith and re-ignite a burning passion for both SPIRIT and Truth, leaving neither behind. “Reigniting Spirit and Truth” will drive you deeper into the word and challenge you to step out in faith like never before.


Across the world, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit like never before has started. The world is about to be shaken, and its certainly not ready – but are we? Join this journey of discovering our identity in Spirit to see the blind see, the demon leave and the dead raise. Most are not walking in this because the pendulum has swung all the way to the side where the scripture is important yet the Spirit is suppressed.

Many also live on the other side of the pendulum, where the Spirit is walked out, but the Truth the Spirit wants to testify of, is not. Many have all along been ignorant of what sin is, that the new covenant is much bigger than previously thought, and how your identity as God’s people (Israel) will change your life forever.


A Call to the Bride

9 Years ago, I fell in my knees in desperation for truth. I was tired of the denominations, opinions and excuses – and all I wanted was Jesus. I told God that I would follow Him, but that I need to know the truth even if it defies most of what I knew and causes me to lose most of whom I love.

God proceeded to give me multiple dreams & visions that caused both a revival of truth, and revival of Spirit in my life. Not mere head knowledge, but the applied walk of Yeshua. But to get there, we need to get rid our man made traditions about both the Holy Spirit and the Torah; to be willing to accept that we’ve been wrong all along about many things.

What if, walking as He walked in both power and holiness is possible, for today and the very thing that feels “missing?”


Topics Explored in the Book

  • The Spirit-Truth pendulum: an exhortation to the Bride of Christ
  • The real reason for division between Jew and Non-Jews, and God’s plan of restoring this relationship
  • Preparing for the end time tribulation
  • Definition of sin and the roles of law and grace
  • The new vs. old covenants; and the fulfillment of the new covenant currently taking place in our days
  • The Sabbath date with Jesus
  • Feast of Shavuot and its prophetic significance for our lives
  • Exploration of spiritual gifts (incl. speaking in tongues) and how to walk in the Spirit day-to-day
  • Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
  • Counterfeit Holy Spirit in the churches


And more!