Reigniting Spirit & Truth

Can you hear the shofar blow?

Reigniting Spirit & Truth by: PD van der Westhuizen Look around, there’s not many here. This is a special place that looks like Jesus. A place of power, boldness, guidance in the Spirit; and holy obedience to His Truth. It’s the Kingdom on Earth. It fills, it satisfies, it sets free, and fills a hole within mainstream Christianity. Can you hear the shofar blow? OUT NOW - BUY BOOK
A Storm is Coming
2000 years removed and 33 000 denominations later, God is raising a final generation that must walk in the fullness of Spirit & Truth. This unity looks little like mainstream Christianity - yet everything like Jesus.
Incredible testimonies of hope that will encourage you to pursue the radical workings of the Holy Spirit in your life. He did it before, now He wants to do it all the more - through you.
True New Covenant
What if the fulfillment of the new covenant is an event that is only coming to fruition in these last days? Involving a remnant who demonstrates obedience to the law written on their hearts.
"The book boldly proclaims repentance and a restoration of God's word (remembering the law of Moses) and also the equally important need to be led by the Set Apart Spirit. The time has come for believers to leave behind a half baked faith and re-ignite a burning passion for both SPIRIT and Truth, leaving neither behind. “Reigniting Spirit and Truth” will drive you deeper into the word and challenge you to step out in faith like never before."
  • Jake Grant
"The era we find ourselves in is one filled with excited urgency in the spirit of the followers of the Messiah. As time treads ever onward to the fulfillment of prophecy, we seek earnestly for a more holistic understanding of revelation, and ever closer relationship with our Savior Jesus. This book points to the scriptural answers for this unspoken urgency and is a treatise on the reunification of Spirit and Truth in the Body of the Messiah. PD entreats the reader to look closely at traditional assumptions of the Faith, through the lens of scripture, prayer, and supplication, in order to find answers for the timely desire of closeness with, and revelation from, our Heavenly Father. "
  • Rean Combrinck
  • Filmmaker

Spirit + Truth

Across the world, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit like never before has started. The world is about to be shaken, and its certainly not ready - but are we? Join this journey of discovering our identity in Spirit to see the blind see, the demon leave and the dead raise. Most are not walking in this because the pendulum has swung all the way to the side where the scripture is important yet the Spirit is suppressed.

Many also live on the other side of the pendulum, where the Spirit is walked out, but the Truth the Spirit wants to testify of, is not. Many have all along been ignorant of what sin is, that the new covenant is much bigger than previously thought, and how your identity in Truth will change your life forever.


A Call to the Bride

9 Years ago, I fell in my knees in desperation for truth. I was tired of the denominations, opinions and excuses - and all I wanted was Jesus. I told God that I would follow Him, but that I need to know the truth even if it defies most of what I knew and causes me to lose most of whom I love.

God proceeded to give me multiple dreams & visions that caused both a revival of truth, and revival of Spirit in my life. Not mere head knowledge, but the applied walk of Yeshua. But to get there, we need to get rid our man made traditions about both the Holy Spirit and the Torah; to be willing to accept that we've been wrong all along about many things.

What if, walking as He walked in both power and holiness is possible, for today and the very thing that feels "missing?"

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Freely I have received, and freely I give. My hope is that this book reaches all who would be blessed by it.

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PD van der Westhuizen

After encountering God in a dream and experiencing a radical change of life, PD has been proclaiming the gospel and revealed revelation of Spirit & Truth through his ministry Rise on Fire.

Rise on Fire is a YouTube channel with over 150 videos on walking as Yeshua in Spirit & Truth.