The Blood Payment

The Blood Payment

Q 1. What is the “blood payment”, and why are you releasing this book for free?


In midst of writing Reigniting Spirit & Truth, the Father whispered “don’t ask for money, I’ve paid for this with my blood”. The book is all about what Yeshua did for us on the cross; and I realized that restricting this book to only those who can afford it, would defeat the purpose of the free gift of salvation I proclaim.

My hope is that this would be an example to authors to consider releasing their resources for free when led, and rather trust on the Father’s provision for their financial needs. I can’t imagine Yeshua releasing a book with the goal of making a profit, but rather to bring freedom. If asking money will keep Yeshua from reaching someone, I would never ask a cent.


Q 2. Why do you ask money for the paperback and e-book versions?


The book is released for free as a downloadable PDF. However, both the e-book and paperback costs a minimal fee. Those who would like to thank for the production of this work, may make an offering by buying one of these versions or making a donation. This minimal fee primarily only attempts to cover the costs associated with the publishing of the book.